How important is SEO?

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When building your digital output how important are SEO and perfomance metrics? We all know that getting a webpage to rank on google is rather a black art but how important is it and what best practice should you follow?

The importance of SEO depends very much on the nature of the project and how you drive people to your website. Every digital project should be built with SEO in mind title tags, keyword density, correct markup, meta tags etc should always be considered. However if the majority of footfall is driven to your website by banners and emails organic SEO becomes less important.

If your company is dependant on vistors searching the web for footfall you must be very focused on SEO and how your site is performing. This should not be done once and not thought about again, this needs to be an ongoing concern that is managed constantly. You should be checking your reports reguraly and building on the results. Use funnels, click counts and page views to drive the development and growth of your website.

Search terms relating to your industry and requirements should be contantly reviewed and worked apon to ensure that your online presence is performing. PPC can be a short cut to the top of the search engines but can also be expensive so set a strict budget and again review reguraly. Also be wise with what your PPC search terms are, research your industry and also take in to account where you are placed for organic SEO, one of the most common things I see is a sponsored link coming up top for a company on google when their website is top of the list anyway.

Finally keep a good handle on how the search engines are constantly evolving their software. This is a key point to be strong on as if you get this wrong you could potentially black list your website through bad practice or drop down the search engines.