Do I need to rebuild my website?

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Technology and techniques used to build websites are continually changing at a very fast rate. The look and feel of the web is also continually changing to keep up with user requirements and needs. This means that if not maintained your company website can quickly look dated and fell clunky.

Here are the tell-tale signs that will let you know if it’s time you need to act if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

Your website pages take a long time to load.

You had your company website designed and built several years ago and have since had a lot of extra modifications and changes made. Gradually the code that buildds your website will have become out of date and difficult to manage meaning it does not perform as it should.

Therefore you should perform regular health checks on your website and if required update it and potentially rebuild it with better cutting edge technology.

Adobe Flash is still used on your website.

Flash was a cutting edge technology several years ago and enabled web designers and developers to build more interactive sites. However with changes in the last couple of years flash has become out dated meaning it will mean parts of your website are not available to users on some browsers and devices, the overall outcome of this is a loss of traffic to your site.

Look for alternatives to flash a lot can be done now with JQuery and HTML5 to replace flash presentations.

Your competitors websites are better than yours

If your competitors are spending and improving their digital offerings and you not, you will quickly fall behind and start losing web traffic and potentially business to them. As your customers will begin to see them as more professional and more up to date companies than yours.

You have to keep up with the competition and stand out the marketplace, so you should begin to look at improving your website.

You have to speak to a web developer whenever you need to make a change

If you are not already using a CMS it may be beneficial to look at getting your website put into a CMS. In an ideal world you should be updating content on your website very regularly to keep your customers and the search engines engaged. The trade off here is the cost in your time versus the cost in using a developer to update your site.

Implementing a CMS will enable you to update your own website keep the content fresh and lessen the requirement to pay external sources to update it.

Being device agnostic is now more important than ever.

Having your web presence available on as many devices as possible is now very important. Search engines now penalise websites that do not work on smart phones or tablets. If you do not currently have a responsive website (a website that changes size depending on screen width) then give us a call and we can look at improving your web presence dramatically.

Ensure your company website is reponsive, speak to us if not.

You are not properly utilising social media.

Properly utilising social media is very important in your company website especially for SEO. Gettting your message out on social media is a really effective way of reaching your potential customers and scores your website great kudos with the search engines.

If your social media output is not up to scratch speak to us and we can put a social media strategy in place.


Your web presence is very important it raises awareness of your brand and is a shop window for your business. If you feel your company website needs to be bought up to date contact us and we can discuss doing that for you.