How effective is email marketing?

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Everyones email inbox seems to be saturated with emails from various companies these days, which may leave you wondering what the point of email marketing is. I mean how many times do you now delete emails without even opening them?

If you feel the same way you may be wondering whether it is worth sending emails to your client base. The answer to this is that it definately is, it needs to be noted that email marketing is till 40 times more effective than social media and that if your clients open your emails they are much more likely to contact you.

So Email Marketing is here to stay.

According to a studies email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than all social media sites combined, and customers attracted by email are 12% more valuable than the average customer. Email is often one of the first steps in the buyer’s journey, providing brand awareness and drawing people to a company’s website or social media.

Creating Effective Emails

Make sure your email has links to further interesting and engaging content if you can get your client base to read and interact with your emails they are much more likely to turn into a solid lead. Build customised landing pages and if possible use special offers as encouragement.

Make sure you allow users to opt in and opt out of receiving your email communications easily this will ensure you have a strong client base who are interested in your communications.

When your messages are sent ensure they are personalised this will make the users much more likely to open them and engage with your company.

Many people read emails on the go these days especially on smart phones and tablets, therefore ensure your emails are responsive.

How to build effective emails.

  • Keep subject lines short under 10 characters if possible.

  • Try to make the subject line as enticing for the user as possible without giving away all your information.

  • Make the content as consice as possible.

  • Make sure you include links to your social media..

  • Dont always send sales emails if possible send content emails as well to make your clients feel less like they are constaantly being sold to.

It may seem sometimes like email marketing has had its day, however it continually proves to be an effective way of engaging your clients. If you want help with your email marketing campaign please contact us.