Is document centralisation the key to a more productive workplace?

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During your working day do you ever find yourself pulling your hair out due to the inefficiencies of some working practices? How many times have you seen a document floating around the workplace that would be so much better stored in a central environment? Or seen poor practice such as an excel document that is placed in a folder on a server for use by many people and then seen endless copies and shortcuts to the document been made in the same folder where people have saved and copied it incorrectly?

As a developer and having a very logical and analytical brain, these sorts of things drive me round the bend. When working as part of a development team the centralisation and sharing of information is key to doing a good job. If developing a multi-language web site, for example, you do not want to replicate the source code for each language, as each time you do this you are increasing the number of man hours required to make changes as they have to be made multiple times. Here is a good example of where we have used the centralisation of language to good effect at DNX the English version – and the same site in Korean -

A key part of our job is the ability to work on the same set of source code as the rest of the team at the same time. We manage this by using source control, this stores our documents centrally for us and allows members of the team to check out the same document and then when it is put back it is given a version number and any changes are merged with changes from other team members. Although source control systems could be used throughout the workplace it is potentially a bit complicated for general end users, however some web offerings are simpler to use and can have a great impact in the workplace simply by centralising. Google Docs for example is a great way of centralising documents. If you’ve never used it before, give it a try.

So how can Web Developers help your productivity with this I hear you ask? That’s simple, the web is the perfect place to centralise even internal practices. With modern day work becoming more fluid every day and most of us working at many more places than simply our desks, why not store your documents and information in a place you can connect to from anywhere (well obviously that is anywhere with Wi-Fi or a decent mobile reception!)? We can build you asset libraries and document repositories that can be accessed from anywhere, these can sit behind secure login areas if required.

Basically anything that you want to centralise can be stored on the web and we can facilitate that for you whether that’s using an off the shelf product or building you a custom system. Thinking outside of the box, these offerings can be made into engaging and entertaining applications that encourage usage as well as getting the job done efficiently.