Can my Website Perform Better?

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It doesn’t matter what your business is, a strong online presence is a very important consideration. So what are the key points you should consider that can make your website perform better?

A good way to think about your website is to compare it to a high street shop. Regardless of whether you take orders online or not you are advertising your brand and your services. You are less likely to go into a poorly presented or laid out shop than you are one with a great window display and a convenient layout.

Location is also key, with your high street shop you want it to be in a prime location. With your website the position on the search engines and the number of people linking to it is very important. This brings in the importance of SEO and therefore it is always worth reviewing and keeping an eye on the SEO performance of your website.

Here are 6 tips to help improve the performance of your website:

  1. Display the most important and interesting parts of your website on the homepage do not hide them away in the site..

  2. Let your customers relate to you and see what you offer easily. Use applicable colour schemes and lots of rich and relevant imagery.

  3. Make sure your web offering is professional and stylish, try and keep it up to date. A poorly designed or out of date website can put users off.

  4. Ensure that your calls to action and any points of sale are very clear for the end user.

  5. Navigation is key ensure your website is easy and clear to navigate.

  6. Ensure your website is responsive and works across all devices and browsers.

If you feel you are short on any of these requirements please contact us at Uk Digital Results and we can discuss improving your website performance.